About Faith On Rocks

About Faith On Rocks

Let me lay out for you what I have been called to do: I purchase and collect preferably smooth rocks in various sizes and paint them red to symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ. On one side of the rock I write a bible verse-I choose the verse based on the size of the rock, my current readings of scriptures, specific location and various other factors. On the other side of each rock I write “Don’t hit Quit, hit Restart”.

Why rocks/stones? First let me start with a short statement.

"In every situation in life, any circumstance no matter how dark you find the world around you or how grim a situation, there is good to be found! Sometime’s finding the good means trudging through difficult experiences, but if you dig deep in Spirit and faith you will find God’s light and hints to his plan”. In the area where I grew up there was a little girl who subsequently was murdered because of her mothers’ drug addiction. This girls name is Isabella. Isabella loved to paint rocks and in her honor, many family and friends even strangers were moved to paint rocks to be placed at her gravesite. This idea was inspired by the hobby of this little girl, than evoked while visiting a friend who continues to paint rocks for art. I honor Isabella by following her example and adding the element of faith in Christ so that many can be reached in part in her name and also to shed light for those who hold grievances from heartbreak and sorrow due to loss of life that they may hold against God The Father. I am persuaded by the Holy Spirit that as we place each blood red faith rock made by human frailty and free will, He has the power to transform life and bring glory due His Name! God is more than capable of speaking directly to each person and bring them to faith-yet He tasks us with this job. The Great Commission is the final directive given to us before Jesus Christ ascended into the heavens. Although faith on rocks is not the entire gospel, I have seen others moved to faith by these rocks and believe that they can also be the beginning of a life surrendered to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My work takes me to different states around the country and in my travels I disperse these ‘Faith Rocks’ in all sorts of places. I have placed many near churches, parks, sidewalks, police and fire stations etc. I also give ‘gift rocks’ to people as directed by the Spirit. Perhaps some of the Faith Rocks will be ignored, but the beauty of this concept is that God tasked me to contrive these rocks and through obedience, I yield to His sovereignty to use them to reach people according to His plan. Once they are transformed from a rock or stone to a Faith Rock it is then given unto his authority that these Faith Rocks be guided to those who find them. Once I drop a Faith Rock, I have essentially placed the burden back into Gods capable hands. I often ask myself, “does a person find a rock or does God find them with a rock?”


Your Brother In Christ

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"He who does not love does not know God, for God is love."

1 John 4:8

"And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

1 Corinthians 13:13