As the window opened to my eyes
I was given four visions in the Heavenly skies.
A testimony not yet ready for the masses
Through the vail this life’s journey passes
What caught my eye was the shape of our Lord
In the brightness of sun standing ready with sword
My soul cryed out to show me more
Tears fell in awe for what He had in store
The first of four was a beam of light
Cast down at angle then aligned in sight
Many cords of Gold,as smooth as glass
Some skinny some not,never did I want this to pass
Through tears of praise the next was given
My entire being transfixed on every vision
A beam of light, north & south.
The sight like honey to the mouth
Tears were mirroring my vision
All sight a brilliant gold & arrayed in percision
The shape of a diamond lighter in shade extended out
After I blinked I knew what these were about
The 3rd of all was most appealing
Like fear & love, awestruck was the feeling
For but a moment a silhouette of our Lord was centered
Captivated & entrenched in love I was rendered
I fought to hold that sight in place
Try as I might I lost what I wished to enternaly embrace
Attempt after attempt to reclaim that vision
I tryed & tryed than the 4th was given
Through one eye I saw a single beam of light
A spiritual warfare in display of my sight
Pushing back at the dark as fast as a piston
On and on never seeming to stop repitition
A spectator I watched in silence
His voice a quite wisper a hint of His presence
That even in the darkest of day
With us evermore & forever You stay
Even before creation its us You knew
Your mercy & grace sufficient to pull us through

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